Who am I?

Psychologist and Psychotherapist in Turin

My name is Camilla, I was born in Turin and here I decided to work. I am a psychologist, an evolutionist-constructivist psychotherapist, a clinical sexologist and sometimes I teach yoga.

I travelled and lived in other places and I keep doing it through the tales of those who I listen to. I like to look for the undertext, those words written in small prints, hidden sentences that change the whole meaning, that can tie, reconcile, pacify.

I am fascinated by the body, that speaks faster than any speech, by its transformations and its suggestions.

I appreciate the moments of transition, the roles and characters that inhabit people, the choices that are easy and the ones that are difficult; promises, desire and patient waiting, the letting go to build again.

My curriculum vitae.

What can we do together?

Psychotherapy is the art of agreeing: we decide together the destination, we agree on a method to get there and we discuss along the journey. The agreement on explicit and shared aims is called a therapeutic contract.

The journey is seldom linear,but rather a continuous back and forth, with peaks and ditches to cross. It is an intense and never banal work on the stage of mind and body, about the perspective from which we observe the world.

Sometimes it is useful to stop and breathe, to ground oneself in the present and then resume the journey.

Adults and adolescents

Relationship problems, negative thoughts, disturbing emotions and overwhelming sensations.
Panic attacks, anxiety, phobias, stress, low self-esteem, depression, sleep problems, eating disorders, trauma therapy, sexological interventions.

Couples and parents

Psychotherapy for couples, parent and family support

Search for new balance, borders, roles, belonging.

Small groups

Integration of cognitive and body psychotherapy, yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Psychotherapists network

I organize and partecipate in weekly groups of intervention and supervision among psychotherapists.
If you’re interested contact me!


80 euro individual session
100 euro couple and family session


80 euro individual session
100 euro couple and family session

Contacts information

Phone 348.739.0024

Email camilla.settis@gmail.com

I meet in person

“Centro Studi Autopoiesi” in Corso De Gasperi 32 in Turin

I meet online with Skype

Camilla Settis Psicoterapeuta

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